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We digitize, analyze and visualize Ukraine's infrastructure devastated by russian forces

About the project

On February 24, 2022, russia launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine, causing numerous destructions, losses, destroying life at every turn. Almost all regions of the country continue to suffer damage and destruction of infrastructure of varying severity. These losses need to be recorded and digitized to attract funding and start the reconstruction process.
The RebuildUA project aims to analyze and visualize the destroyed infrastructure of Ukraine, disseminate this information and share the results with communities, public authorities and specialized foundations.

Days of war


Digitized locations


Damaged objects

>15 000

Consequences of russian invasion

Project objectives

What we want to achieve


Digitize damage

Digitize damage and destructions to build a step-by-step recovery plan


Inform the world

Inform the world about the real situation and consequences of the war in Ukraine


Evaluate losses

Run a multidimensinal loss assessment to obtain reparations and attract funding 


Help communities

Provide data to communities to help them obtain funding for reconstruction

What we do

Main stages of the project


Digitization of data from UAVs and satellites

We create high-precision orthophotos in the territories occupied and controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then recognize and digitize destroyed and damaged infrastructure elements.


Photo and video recording

We use only trusted channels on social networks and official sources. The project team and volunteers work directly in the destruction areas to collect photo and video evidence.


Analysis of geospatial data

We develop an interactive geoportal to place the collected data and link it to the map. We will add various layers to display the destruction by severity, type of buildings and their purpose.


Public reports

Based on the collected data, we develop infographics and analytical reports containing information on the number, nature, classification of damage and other details for further damage assessment.

Analytical reports

The results of our work

  • Illustration


    May 6, 2022
    2000 damaged buildings

    In the village of Moshchun, Bucha district, Kyiv region, 72% of buildings were destroyed as a result of attacks by russian occupiers.

  • Illustration


    May 16, 2022
    1163 damaged buildings

    Horenka is the only village near Kyiv that could be reached by tram until recently. Since the beginning of the war, the village was in a kilometer of the front zone.

  • Illustration


    May 20, 2022
    56 damaged buildings

    Pushcha-Vodytsya has become one of the most devastated areas of Kyiv as a result of the proximity to Irpen and Gostomel, where the russian army has committed horrific crimes.

  • Illustration


    May 30, 2022
    320 damaged buildings

    Ozera is a small village in Borodyanskyi district near Kyiv. Before the war, the village had a developed infrastructure and considerable industrial capacities. In March 2022, the occupiers built earthen ramparts in the locality to hide their military equipment. 

  • Illustration


    June 13, 2022
    188 damaged buildings

    Zabuchchia is a small village in the Buchanskyi district of Kyiv region, which has been occupied by russian troops since the first days of their full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

  • Illustration


    Coming soon

    Irpin was liberated on March 28, but for a long time even its inhabitants could not get into the town due to "cleansing", demining and cleaning. The first photos and videos were horrific: destroyed houses, empty roads surrounded by abandoned cars. The real scale of the destruction is difficult to convey in words...

How you can help


The project needs additional financial resources to support the work of the team and fulfill our mission. We are grateful to everyone who cares!

Become a volunteer

We need UAV pilots and GIS specialists.
If you have the appropriate skills and willingness 
to help — join us!

Become the project partner

We need financial support and resources for the project. If you have can help in any way — support the project!

Share information about the damage caused

Provide data on material damage caused to citizens and the state as a result of russian aggression

Project initiators


UAV survey and digitization of geospatial information

Vkursi Zemli

Land analysis and interaction with communities


Companies helping the project
at different stages

Kyiv School of Economics

Assessment of losses and damage, budgeting

Сenter for Innovations Development

Cooperation & analysis of local economy, Vkursi Hromada


Visual style and content generation


Digitization of geospatial information

Centre fro Economic Recovery

Support in cooperation with public authorities

Supported by

National Police of Ukraine


Odgers Berndtson



Fly Technology